Announcement of changes for the month of May

Everything is moving on and we have decided on a major change in our systems. If it should come to disturbances, we would like to apologize today already as customers.

This will be new:

1.) customer service and advice
Our customer hotline will no longer exist in this form. Also, we are going with the times and want to offer you as a customer the best service possible.

As a product consultation with the large selection of the products on the telephone is almost impossible and a detailed consultation perhaps also can not take place in a telephone call, takes the place of the customer hotline our new "consultation team"!

You can also ask fast questions and answers via our LiveChat.

Detailed questions in which we would like to take more time to advise you as well as possible, you will in the future via our email ticket system.

In future, we guarantee response times of up to max. 24 hours.

One contact person

In our e-mail ticket system, you will be assigned a contact who will serve you until you have clarified all questions or your concerns.

Your adviser may also make a service call at your request or, if he thinks better, (call will always be in writing!). Then this advisor will call you personally to clarify the matter in a conversation.

Orders on the phone are no longer possible in the future.

2. New product offensive

In the coming weeks and months, we will be launching new products and manufacturers and introducing our new pricing system.

3. Marketplace

In May, we will be offering our new Marketplace to dealers and manufacturers here in the shop.
So we open the possibility especially for smaller suppliers directly to place their products in our shop.

4. Showcase

In our new showcase area you will find selected brands in the overview in the future, with background information, videos and much more. The brands get their own brand world.

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