Masturbation - Why you improve your sex life

But fortunately, these barriers thaw and the masturbation is always accepted in addition to the classic sexual intercourse more and more as a possible alternative.

But masturbation is not a "bad" alternative to normal sex. On the contrary, it gives each of us the opportunity to get to know each other sexually. During masturbation, each of us can find out what he likes and what he does not like. How and where with which stimulation I can feel the highest desire and satisfaction. Thus, masturbation should be quite normal to sexual practices. Whether in a relationship or as a single. You will discover your favorite stimulations. These can then easily be incorporated into your relationship to raise the common sex life to a highly satisfying level. Through open communication, exchange and guidance of your love partner, you will achieve your full satisfaction. On the other hand, if you can satisfy the wishes of your partner that he or she has found out for themselves during masturbation, then you will become the ideal love partner.

Through masturbation you can also practice new practices, try out and gain new great experiences. Do not be shy of aids like z.b. Lovetoys or erotic films to use. The selection of these tools are nowadays huge and very diverse. Whether vibrating, pulsating, rotating, long, thick, soft, hard, etc. You will see that you will make completely new experiences that normal sex can not provide. Also, the masturbation can be very erotic in the joint love game with built-in. Whether at the same time to watch yourself in the masturbation or the other to look at or to look to let the erotic tingle. And you do not always feel like just on the partner. Everyone needs time for themselves in a relationship. This does not mean that the sexual life in the partnership is disturbed! Be open and honest with each other, and you will see that the partnership can be much better.

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