Hello i am the Mia of Ultimate Fantasy Dolls

This life-size love doll is barely distinguishable from a real woman! Mia has a beautiful 3D face with fawn eyes, long eyelashes and full lips. Your skin is made of high quality Fanta Flesh material and feels absolutely realistic. Likewise, the vaginal, anus and mouth opening are quite emotional. The labia are seductively lifelike. The voluptuous brunette with the fashionable pageboy hairstyle has a curvy silhouette with a sweet tummy and plump thighs. The luscious breasts are complemented with perfectly shaped nipples. Her detailed hands and feet persuade to the manicured fingernails. An aluminum skeleton inside makes Mia mobile from head to toe. Bolts on the soles of the feet allow the doll to stand on its own. Including extensive accessories

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