Sex during the rule


Through sex, menstrual problems such as Lower abdominal pain can be alleviated. During sex hormones are released, which help to relax and happiness. This can alleviate the symptoms or make them disappear for a while.
If you prevent it, do it during menstruation! You never know with certainty when the actual ovulation takes place. So you prevent an unpleasant surprise and relax during sex, because the prevention provides security.
Oils and lubricants can be used normally.

If communicable infections are present, oral sex should be avoided during menstruation. Disease germs could be in the menstrual blood.
In addition, you should do without white layers. Use less sensitive layers or place towels and plastic towels underneath so that the menstrual blood will not stain if left over. Stains can be removed well soon afterwards with cold water. Nevertheless, the pad should not be white.
Not everyone is comfortable with menstrual blood. But it is clean blood and red. However, if you take care not to practice oral sex with existing infectious diseases everything is fine.

Please remember to remove the tampon before sex. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to remove it after it has been pushed deep into the vagina by the penis or a tool.

If you still have the classic sexual intercourse uncomfortable, then you can satisfy each other differently. Be it by hand or with aids such as eg. Lovetoys. In addition, the oral sex in men is so not off the table. It then offers a wonderful opportunity to taste new alternatives of satisfaction.
We wish you a lot of fun with your passion!
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