The Fun Factory STRAP & BOUND INVISIBLE DENIM 3, the world's first harness made of soft denim (= 100% vegan!), For couples looking for more !. Simply combine your favorite dildo (for example, the BOUNCER) with the handmade denim "Made in Germany", buckle up and carry on - whether vaginal or anal.

The harness offers maximum support and control over any type of dildo. The wide, cuddly waist belt and two leg straps made of soft denim flatter the hips and lap. In other words: the STRAP & BOUND offers the best fit and guaranteed highest wearing comfort in every position. Absolutely new is the unrestricted size flexibility of the STRAP & BOUND, because all straps are infinitely variable in length (for the clothing sizes 34-44).

Of course, in the middle of the game it should not be complicated: therefore, the wearer can put on and take off the harness without help, quickly and easily readjust it. In addition, the STRAP & BOUND INVISIBLE DENIM 3 scores with a great wearing comfort - the soft material made of 100% cotton is light and warm on the skin, nothing presses or tweaks. And while the vegan strap-on is even easy to clean. Simply wash at 30 ° C in the machine, pull into shape and allow to air dry. So he is guaranteed not out of shape!

The clever belt system "Made in Germany" was developed by real Harness professionals and completely sewn and riveted by hand - of course, only ecologically sound and harmless materials and adhesives are used.

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